Ferrari GTC4, heir to the FF and the first Cavallino 4-wheel steering


Ferrari raises in the luxury sector. The House that has always produced extreme test cars to replicate the success of a non-traditional segment for her, the “shooting brake”, a mixture of a sports coupe and a wagon if not an SUV.After the Ferrari Four, FF for all, before four-wheel drive to four places for Cavallino (retires after reaching all targets), here’s the GTC4 Luxury, that the refined comfort, extreme performance, to the pleasure of traveling by company adds four-wheel steering, not just driving, the 4WD-S.

It ‘a Ferrari patent; which guarantees 690 horsepower naturally aspirated V12 GT to 6,292 cc, in any travel condition, including those of very poor adhesion (wet, snow or even ice), the extreme performance you would expect from a Prancing Horse car, combined with an elegance in every detail and a travel comfort for four passengers in four comfortable seats. After the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show, here is road tests for printing, waiting in late August-early September the first GTC4 are delivered to customers in an Italian road price starting from 270,060 Euros.
For the screening of specialized journalists was chosen as for the FF, the Plan de Corones, the mountain range that dominates the south Brunico: then the FF was made to prove not only on the road, but even on a minipista dug in the ice, in the middle of winter. A choice that did turn up their nose to environmentalists area but he did understand where she got the technology, able to scramble a fireball more than 600 hp and 335 kmh on a bobsled like a snowcat. The GTC4 was baptized in June, the first warm days of summer that only now seems to arrive, and there are no ice for testing. But the first approach with this car’s spirited and refined happens anyway to 2,275 meters above sea level, in front of the last of the museums took on his lands by mountaineer Reinhold Messner to preserve the stories of the mountains and climbers, and designed dall’archistar Anglo- Iranian architect Zaha Hadid. A prodigy of cements designed different from each other as if they were the stones of a pyramid for a structure that dominates the Plan, 360 degree views, and who dig the bowels like a mine to open windows on tunnels contain the treasures of high altitude.

To bring the “red” up there the biggest difficulty was granted a derogation from local laws, which only allow the emergency vehicles to travel on roads over 1600 meters. With the assistance of firefighters and Forestry, clambering along a dirt road, enterprise made possible by the lifter, the mechanism that raises of 4 cm when you need to overcome the roughness of a road or a step in a garage, GTC4 led by a Ferrari driver you get up there, to welcome journalists car from various countries of the world. And then, on the course of four hours abundant, road tests, including the hairpin bends of the Passo Pordoi and Passo Sella dl, streets already full of tourists and very challenging for a powerful car, which could run to 340 mph.

A test that enhances the convenience of a car that was redone because the FF got a target more than expected: it has brought many new customers to Maranello and has younger than 10 years the average age. New customers, who like Ferrari performance as the older yet need to travel in the company, even in four, as do the families who go on vacation, at sea or in the mountains. The original photo of the customers have convinced Ferrari to insist on the field shooting brake: photos showing entire families on the go, perhaps with the tailgate up while driving because inside the roomy trunk are loaded to assemble the furniture purchased at the supermarket . A new niche for Maranello, but it returns a lot of satisfaction.

The GTC4 recalls predecessors of speakers as the 330 GTC 2 + 2 and the 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, but declines a new style Ferrari for new types of buyers, for which has been modulated tone of a typical 12-cylinder but less bombastic inside , where the double-cabin structure makes it protagonist and interactive front passenger, and more discreet outside. The shape, the size and the cut of the crystal rear command respect and define a new and extremely aggressive line. A very easy car to drive and suitable for everyday use thanks to a maximum torque of 679 Nm at 5750 r / min, but at 80% is already available at 1,750 r / min. The SDS numbers sum up the key figures of this car. Drive it on the Pordoi is the way to understand the way in.


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