Ford Self-driving cars are five years away from changing the world

Derek Montalvo at Mullinax Ford

The technical leader of Ford’s autonomous car project speaks about what it’s like to be driven by a driver-less car, and how big a deal self-driving vehicles will really be.

The self-driving car is one of the most hotly contested areas of tech development right now, with tech companies like Google (and soon maybe Apple), as well as established car makers like Ford and Volvo each trying to overtake the competition.

Earlier this year Ford said it will triple the size of its autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid test vehicles, announcing plans to test 30 vehicles on roads in Arizona, California, and Michigan.

ZDNet recently spoke to Jim McBride, technical leader in Ford’s autonomous vehicles team, about the future of driving.

ZDNet: Where is Ford’s autonomous vehicles project now?

Jim McBride: We have roughly ten cars driving right now and we’re going to triple that by the end of the year…

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