Photos: 2016 Porsche Parade


by: Mike Ginsca

The Porsche Parade is an annual event in West Vancouver that brings together Porsche enthusiasts not only to drool over the vehicles but also to help local charities. Enjoy the pictures.

Porsche Parade-18 copyPorsche Parade-16 copyPorsche Parade-17 copyPorsche Parade-11 copyPorsche Parade-15 copyPorsche Parade-14 copyPorsche Parade-13 copyPorsche Parade-12 copyPorsche Parade-1 copyPorsche Parade-2 copyPorsche Parade-3 copyPorsche Parade-4 copyPorsche Parade-5 copyPorsche Parade-6 copyPorsche Parade-7 copyPorsche Parade-8 copyPorsche Parade-10 copyPorsche Parade-9 copyPorsche Parade-20 copyPorsche Parade-19 copyPorsche Parade-23 copyPorsche Parade-21 copyPorsche Parade-22 copyPorsche Parade-25 copyPorsche Parade-24 copyPorsche Parade-26 copyPorsche Parade-27 copyPorsche Parade-28 copyPorsche Parade-29 copyPorsche Parade-30 copyPorsche Parade-31 copy

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